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The floating solar system has a capacity of 69 kWp and has been installed on one of the reservoirs at Rift Valley Roses farm in Naivasha, Kenya. The farm is located on the shoulder of Kenya’s Aberdare Mountain range at altitude of 2.250 meters, with views overlooking the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha.

The system consists of solar panels which convert energy from the sun into electricity, a floating structure that the panels are mounted on, inverters which convert this electricity from a DC current to AC current, and a monitoring system that tracks the output of the system. The power produced is supplied to the farm’s electrical system and is not fed back into the grid.

capacity in kWp
solar panels
lifetime CO2 savings in tonnes

The farm is still connected to the national grid, however the energy produced by the solar system is solely for self-consumption and is not fed back into the grid. During the night or on cloudy days, when the solar system does not produce enough energy, electricity comes from the national grid. Together with a 75 kWp solar project installed at the farm in 2019, the floating system will cover up to 60% of Rift Valley Roses electricity needs with solar energy. The projects save around 136 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


Solar Panels

ECO LINE Half Cell / M120 / 310 - 330 by Luxor

Mounting System

isifloating by isigenere


blueplanet 20.0 TL by Kaco

Monitoring System

BlueLOG X-1000 by meteocontrol GmbH

PV Simulation Software

PV Syst